J Darcy and I Transcripts 2011

J. Darcy and I Transcripts 2011

Phone Call 3 May 2011

2011              J. Darcy’s Man got the story from Nick Stafford that he killed a man on a Bike going through a junction in front of his cattle lorry story. John Darcy thought it was three two or something like that, meaning 3.2 million euro he thought the land for, which was partly the wife’s. I asked J. Darcy was Nick Stafford’s wife alive at the time of the deal and I asked him what year it was he said it was definitely 2004 or 2005. When I asked him had he though Nick Safford’s wife was alive at the time, probably because she had been part owner.

Actual Text: of call: John Darcy speaking after I asked him what the price would have been:  “I thought it was 3 2 three two or something like that, then I Austin speaks:  three two maybe, and was it in his wife’s name that time, or had he trouble getting it from his wife’s to his. John Darcy replies: Ah he had no trouble, it was just the I said or the tax just. then John speaks: the tax thing I suppose, but sure I suppose just like anything she probably had to sign off on it. I Austin then asked was she alive that time? John Replies: Oh, God she was alive that time, and then I ask him would it have been in her name that time? John replies: I can’t actually remember, now there was something about it anyway   She certainly had a big hold on it anyway, like I Wasn’t really that interested at the time, you know what I mean. yeah, I Reply. John says, “it wasn’t really part of my concern.” I Austin then speaks:  but it was around 2004 or five. John Replies: “Yeah, it was definitely 2004 or 2005”. Austin then speaks: “Did you get a chance to check anymore about the man that was killed on the bike?”

John replies: Yeah, that’s all I heard, all I got back was the same thing, it was, he came across out of a by road or something   straight across the road in front of him, he had no brakes on his bike or something like that.  I Austin speaks: It was another fellow I was speaking to, now, this was back in 2008, (I made a mistake here this should be 2009) had a story it was a man and a woman in a car that had come out in front of him, but you think it was more likely a man on a bike. John replies: It was definitely a man on a bike from what I was told anyway, then John says:  about a statement saying that, I will take it the rest of the way I speak: if you got him meaning John Nolan to state what Nick Stafford told him about rigging the Auction, he John Darcy would take it the rest of the way through his solicitor. His concern was that he thought it would be unlikely that John Nolan would say anything against Stafford if he was truckin’ and dealin’ with him.

John Darcy and me transcript 14th October 2011 9:17a.m.

Austin: “So you were at her funeral when she died, she was alive that time when you were doing the deal that time in 2005. John Darcy reply’s “She was yeah, Austin speaks: “Gee Just to show how we can make mistakes, I have a piece of paper from the, I think it is from the Wexford People, The Wexford People about her death in 2002. John speaks again: and in a genuine way: “well now maybe she was, I was definitely at the funeral, because I can remember to this day been at it, and I remember Nick and we were standing to one side, I had no involvement with her, I didn’t know her and I do remember Nick crying, and one of the boys, you know, Bradshaw saying: “Fu*k!, imagine that f*cker crying” and we were both quite amused at this man Bradshaw’s comment, and John said then : “You know yourself, Austin if you are not involved in a funeral, you don’t really have any emotion for it.” I then speak and tell him that he had no problem telling a mother of six children to shoot ourselves and then she was saying what about the young children, and he said “Fu*k them out to grass or something like that. John then replies: “Make no mistake about it, he would be the very same with his own kids like, he would talk about some of them as if they weren’t his, he would disown them, they are fuck’in useless, and he’d say that to a stranger, he is a fuckin Dope, most people would have enough cop-on not to say that.”   I then speak and check again with John, and I speak: “Just the important bit, the man you were talking to, has got that story off Nick, Nick Stafford, that it was a man coming through a Crossroads on a bike.” But John was quick to emphasize that it was years ago that this man got this story or account from Nick Stafford, this was the same man we were referring to during our phone conversation 3rd May 2011 that it was definitely a man on a bike came straight across the road in front of him that was killed in front of his cattle lorry.

Darcy’s man Bradshaw was right, a woman I know told me, she was at a dance with her friend from Greystones, and when her friend  sat down after  a dance with Stafford, she mentioned he had asked her out, and when she told him she was married, he  replied  there need be no strings attached, and after she was filled in, about Stafford  and his wife, she got up for the next dance with him, and he tried his luck again, she told him that she wouldn’t leaver her husband at home, as she know knew  he would never take his wife out. I knew Darcy had seen him out quit a lot, but never with his wife, as he didn’t know her, and he remarked quite accurately that he went around to the dances as if he were “God’s gift to women.

Stafford use to leave the late Michael Bolger outside in the cattle lorry for hours while he was inside the Bridge Bar in Gorey chatting up the owner the late Monica Keating who died early 2006, Stafford told Michael that he got off very light in a fatal collision in Limerick where he killed a man with his cattle lorry. Michael used to work in the cattle marts as well as having a farm in Poulepeasty, Clonroche probably only about five miles from Quinn’s old mart in Adamstown, Co. Wexford Clonroche and even after he retired, he still enjoyed working or helping out in the Carnew mart, I understand he also had an interest in horses and kept some. Michael died in 2010 after a short illness but had passed on this information many years before this. Monica was well liked, and I believe could be quite outspoken,

Stafford tells different people that he has killed a male person in front of his cattle lorry who was going through a junction or crossroads, and that he got off light with a male person he killed with his cattle lorry in Limerick. It is very unlikely it would have ever been possible to prove who the person was going through a junction or crossroads that he killed in front of his cattle lorry in Limerick, if he hadn’t given Mr John Nolan some vital information regarding the name of the purchaser of the 15 acres of his own land that he sold at public auction in the Porter house pub, where he claimed that he knowingly took fictitious bids to get the price up and that the purchaser originally came from Oylegate, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, and the fact that he said the purchaser owned a yacht, along with some other information that helped corroborate that this conversation took place between he and John Nolan, He also gave one other clue to John that day in March 2010 to help zone in on the year that he claimed the male person was killed in front of his cattle lorry, and also a clue that the person was young.

the young school girl standing outside of her own drive way holding her younger sister’s hand  whilst waving to the other children on the school bus on the offside was always the victim , and not the man who killed her   who described  how he had seen her body come down the windscreen, and  while we know he was on his own side or he would have crashed into the bus, we know her body ended up in the dyke after the momentum of his car eventually came to a halt, and it was the late Dr Sutton who pronounced her dead, and contrary to what Mr. Stafford said about her mother of this young school girl shaking his hand, she  stated clearly she most certainly did not shake hands with Stafford and felt he should have been able to make some effort to stop  and avoid killing her daughter,  she had just come back from the dentist with her son. He drove almost ninety miles  to a dancehall called “Showboat  in Youghal at the time, very shortly after about five or six miles  from where he killed her, so it certainly didn’t affect him . The mother of this young girl did say that it had come back to her that some of the Guards had been keeping an eye on him as he had never been tested for drink. (This would have been around the same time period that he was trying to buy a Brucellosis infected cow from the late Mr. Ned Condren who was from Ballycoog, Co. Wicklow. But Ned refused to sell it to him.) A farmer about three miles away from us told me he bought three in-calf cows during 1974 and all three aborted the following week. His wife also verified this. It was very obvious these three cows had recently been in contact with a brucellosis infected animal or material from a cow that had aborted.  I noticed Stafford also had an advert in the paper in 1974 for 40 Friesen springers Brucellosis free through Kinsella Estates for sale.

Here is a good Article in 1964 Clare Champion19.12.1964, page 14: Brucellosis is the disease known generally as contagious abortion. Often when a cow calves before “her time” it is attributed to injury or accident, but very few births are due to such causes. In the majority of such cases, the cause is a germ, and all abortions should be assumed as being caused by these germs, until the contrary is proved. These germs swarm in the discharges of the cow time of the aborts. They also swarm in the membranes surrounding the calf, and in the body of the calf. A cow that aborts can become a “carrier” of these germs and her discharges can contaminate the grass and drinking water, and as a result pregnant cows can, by eating this grass or drinking much water, take in these germs, and in due course, abort. When a cow aborts, the farmer should get in the veterinary surgeon as soon as possible so that the required precautions will be taken to prevent the disease spreading two other cows in the herd. The aborted calf and membranes should be buried deep or burned immediately when the veterinary surgeon arrives, he will do what is necessary to prevent the spread of the disease, give the instructions necessary to be carried out.

Many people do not realise that they can get ill when dealing with cows that have aborted, if they do not observe the necessary precautions, or that they can get ill from drinking raw milk of a cow that has aborted. This disease is endemic in the Mediterranean area, is known as Malta fever, Mediterranean fever, Abortus fever or brucellosis, they are all the same disease. The disease first became known to the British when their troops in Malta started to go down with it. Took them quite a while to trace the cause, they ultimately found it was due to drinking raw goat’s milk. This disease may be mild or severe. At its mildest it may only be a rise in temperature and the individual may be able to do his normal work. More serious cases may suffer with sweating, severe debility, anaemia, joint pains and enlargement of the spleen and liver. Occasionally a case can turn up which closely resembles Malaria. The ordinary case of this disease lasts for about three months and can persist as long as two years. The disease brucellosis can be practically wiped out if dairy farmers get their veterinary surgeons to inoculate their heifer calves between the ages of four and eight months. Will give them considerable protection against abortion up to and including the 4th pregnancy. The cost of doing this is very little compared with the gain to the farmer. In Sweden, the disease is practically now unknown. I had known one or two men with the disease, one man who lived in our local village told me you   could often have bouts of flu like symptoms and maybe notice it in bed sweating at night a little like from a flu, his experience of it was that he never finally got clear of it.

During 2006 when Mr Stafford was threatening my wife, he told her that he was worth twenty-million, and they would clean us out along with plenty of other abuse and threats  and that if she were a little girl, he would pick her up and shake her and that no fu**ing judge would listen to her, while none of us were aware he killed a little girl many years before this, we now know he was making it very clear that he didn’t think much of killing a little girl.

Dermot Sherlocks Letter dated 18th September 2007, and one can see while Dermot has made some mistakes, as the reason I went to him in July 2006 was to check if the Contract was valid if brought about under false pretences Re advert in September 2004, but one can see clearly his attitude towards young children and his lack of regard for them in   D Sherlocks letter Sept 2007 quoting Caroline. I think there may never have been any issue or a serious problem if Mr. N. Stafford had said nothing to anyone about killing a person in front of his cattle lorry going through a junction.

it was stated also during a subsequent letter or earlier   the complaint Re “Threatening and demanding money with Menaces,” had been reported to the writer of the letter long before September 2007.

Harassment and “Threatening and Demanding money with Menaces” began from December 2005 after the Deal was done.  It was really really relentless from February 2006, and as My wife Caroline described it in August 2007 as being under a “Reign of Terror,” for nearly two years.

We took the family on holidays to France in July2007 combining some work with it. I had been working some really long hours after coming back catching up on my farm work. The threatening and harassment still continued, and I did not want him around and told him  that it could be dealt with through solicitors.

We hadn’t been aware he had killed a young schoolgirl outside her own driveway whilst holding her younger sister’s hand waving to the other children on the bus which was on the offside after they had come back from music lessons in Youghal, when Stafford was threatening my wife Caroline that if she were a little girl, he would pick her up and shaker her albeit 33 years later. Caroline had stated in August 2007 we had been under a reign of terror for almost two years. She stated in August 2007 that I knew she felt threatened and her levels of confidence and ability to live each day happily wasn’t possible, she stated she felt petrified and insecure and not able to cope in the same capable manner as before.

David Tarrant  had said before the10th July 2013 that he could go around saying he was raping women every week  and that was Okay, probably as a result of N Stafford  telling different people  about a young girl he had killed, and people he had killed in front of his cattle lorry, I was so astonished at this, that I asked to bring in a witness for the next meeting Wednesday 10-July 2013 , and this time, David told us that he could go around saying he was the one on the motorbike or moped that caused Lady Diana’s death. This created a problem, since due to the “Fit and Proper Person “rule requirement for an Auctioneer’s licence or Certificate or a solicitor’s practitioner’s Certificate, and it became worse after 2014, and 2015. Sometimes things can get complicated, especially after becoming aware of Nick Stafford’s rate of Commission of 1% in 2002 and how he deceived and defrauded Mr. John Joe Mc Carthy, who was a very decent likable and honest man after he sold his farm October 2002 using the Warren Estates brochure.

Mr. Andrew Tarrant, who had previously assaulted a woman after trespassing onto her property, stated to a third party in 2022 that he agreed with it too, that a man going around saying he was raping women every week was okay, this was extraordinary considering a beautiful young woman who was a mother was viciously assaulted and murdered across the street from his office in 2019.

13 -Sept 2011. I rang and left a message for my solicitor that was acting for me in 2006 and 2007 at 9:00 am that morning. An experienced man in livestock and a good judge of cattle or Suckler cows and I went to look at some in-calf Limousin cross heifers that a farmer near Enniscorthy on the Blackwater Road had for sale. When we arrived, he the farmer just remarked on a big fire in his neighbour’s place across a few fields from him.  On the previous weekend and he told us there were two fire brigades attending to the fire, as there was a large quantity of big square bales of straw, which would have been stacked tight together like “Weetabix” in a rick or shed, and he mentioned the two fire brigades were there for 20 hours costing €750.00 per hour each and the bill came to €30,000. This farmer remarked that his insurance cover only allowed him €5,000 fire brigade cover which was quite typical at the time and he was going to get it increased. He then mentioned to me that the farmer was Paddy Kehoe, Chief Superintendent, Catherine Kehoe’s husband. On the way back my solicitor rang me back on a different matter me regarding a significant amount of money that I had paid him for negotiating partly with myself the extra money for the sale of the Farm Entitlements, of which I had to buy replacement ones. My solicitor confirmed that this was the case.

During November and  December 2011 I had mentioned to David Tarrant  an obvious flaw, that was stated by a trained Garda, which he appeared to have made by assumption, without checking out something obvious   that a  fourteen-year-old could have probably spotted,  but after thinking about it again  over the years, I think it may be safer to say a  reasonably bright sixteen-year-old plus, could have spotted the obvious flaw

During late October2015 I became aware after chatting to some friends, that Mrs. Catherine Kehoe came from a farm at Ballybeg near Ferns on the Carnew road. A man who used to work with my father told me Stafford had a farm rented   out on the Carnew road out of Ferns, while his own herd and herd number was locked up with Brucellosis at Castlebridge, and he was using the herd number on this farm.  During October 2008 a man and his wife we both knew well from the Tullow area, Co. Carlow when visiting us one evening mentioned to us that Stafford was widely suspected in the Tullow area of trying to spread BSE.  (This was by

coincidence the same evening the two horses were taken)

I am more inclined to think or suspect that he may have been looking for an opportunity to claim compensation from an infected herd. It was easy to see why both of the auctioneer’s institutes   refused to have anything to do with him. It was really extraordinary that Mrs. Catherine Kehoe who was Garda Superintendent    from 2005 was allowing Mr. N Stafford apply for an Auctioneer’s Certificate or licence every July using it to benefit and profit from white collar crime, apart from “Threatening and Demanding money with Menaces”.

A woman noticed during a conversation with N. Stafford in early December 2008, that he was being very tough when he was boasting that he would spend between five and six thousand Euros on suits for himself in Louis Copelands every year, so she alluded to him that my memory may not be too bad. Around October November 2008 I was selling a nicely finished continental heifer to a man for a supermarket, with a clear specification for quality and grade 3 fat score, and while we were chatting, he mentioned to me that Nick Stafford was known as “Squeaky Nick”. This was the first time I had heard of this one.  I soon began to realise that he went by this, and was known by this name amongst most of his peers especially in the cattle or cow trade, after chatting with other people who knew him, and after an auctioneer in Wexford referred to him   as “Squeaky Nick”, it was obvious.

Caroline had written a  hand written letter in October  2008 to Mr David Tarrant about an extraordinary event that happened  on Sunday 19th October 2008  when the late Fay McCann and his wife  visited us and we had a really interesting and enjoyable day with them and they noticed some of our children’s  drawings called technical graphics nowadays and would have been referred to as mechanical drawing in the early 1970s. they told us after we told them Mr Peter Legge  was the architect  who designed the house they told us that  they were both architects , and used to work for Peter and his brother, and the joke used to be if one of them was out of the office; which leg is out” . Fay had done an extraordinary amount of work also on linking up family history as he was related to the former Mike Fanning. While we were chatting a man and woman arrived and enquired if we had seen two missing horses, one of which was a piebald-coloured  colt, which had not yet been weaned, and we had not noticed anything like that, but we knew there were horses next door in Bridie’s. An extraordinary thing happened along with that was over the next couple of days, she was able to tell us that Christy had organised the stable with Bridie for her. When she enquired from Christy where her horses where he told her they could in the wood and when she enquired more, he threatened her with Sgt Murt Fitzgerald. He had been telling her previously that he was best friends with him and was friendly with a bhan Garda policewoman also. While some of this may not have been taken seriously under normal circumstances, but due to the fact that Christy, from Ballyday had been mouthing some very sensitive information about the Stafford case in very early October 2008, which nobody could have known about, and while it may not have been 100% accurate he had been very close to it , and  appeared to be credible due to Murt’s actions, David  Tarrant  had represented Christy in another case also involving a collision with a a motorcyclist. An even more extraordinary chain of events involving Christy happened after this.

Caroline thought or had believed the man that came up with the late Mr Nick Stafford in late September/ early October 2004 in relation to my farm which was in a part of County Wexford   regarding   his farm wanted Advert for his client, which Caroline had spotted in our local paper, 1st   September 2004 During 2008 and   2009, I had begun going over things slowly.  I had met the late Mr Ned Purcell for the first time Monday evening 7, December-2009 at 7:30pm approximately, in the Golden Anchor Pub in Castletown after I had got a contact number for him.  I was told he didn’t drink, but that he enjoyed going there in the evenings for a chat. He told me also that he didn’t drink or smoke, and as it happened, I was practically drinking no alcohol since 2008. Ned had quite a relaxed personality to chat with and he mentioned that he knew my brother Dermot well from the time he used to go with a girl called Sandra, from Dublin, who used to come down to the caravan park with her family. He had suddenly jogged a few gearwheels in my memory, and I remembered they were a very nice family from the time I was introduced to them. We chatted for a while, after that about Mulcahy and Stafford.  He told me how his caravan park was next to Mulcahy’s houses on the beach. One of the first questions I asked him was, had R. Mulcahy any children, and he told me he had none. After chatting some more, I asked him would he mind meeting my wife, Caroline.  He replied as it happens Mulcahy’s wife is also called Caroline, and that they were kind of separated, and he told me he would have no problem meeting my wife, which we arranged for an evening around the same time and place about a week later or less. There was a nice fire on in the Golden Anchor pub that evening.   After a quick introduction we began chatting about different things and after a short while Caroline mentioned the day, as she thought he was up in our home, when Ned suddenly replied very clearly that he had never met her before in his life. We realised at that point he was correct, and we could see immediately he bore no resemblance whatsoever to the man that came up to our home with Stafford that Saturday. I could see what had actually happened, was that Nick Stafford was talking all about Ned Purcell, and Ned had told me in a subsequent conversation that he and Richard Mulcahy and Stafford drove around the farm.  I soon began to realize that Stafford was talking so much about Ned Purcell that Saturday he came up to our home, that he had come up from Richard Mulcahy his client beside Ned Purcell in clone, Castletown, Co. Wexford. It was the fact that he was talking so much about Ned Purcell, that led her to believe mistakenly four or five years later that the man with him was Ned.  This reminded me of an incident:

One evening during 1985 between April and September because it was a bright fine evening probably well after 7:00pm Caroline and I were travelling in my Glacier -blue  Ford Escort Laser car registration AZS 697   that I had bought just shortly before I met Caroline in 1984, probably only a week or two before I met her. We were going over to the Valley hotel   and just as we had slowed down passing the rear entrance of the Woodenbridge hotel and about to pass the entrance to the Woodenbridge golf club when  I received a belt in the driver’s door from a Saab car, I was really puzzled at first as to how it could have happened and noticed a big sloppy dent in my driver’s door from where the front left hand side of the Saab bumper had struck it, nobody was hurt as there was very little speed involved. The driver got out of the Saab and asked me did I not see his indicator and I replied I didn’t, we chatted for a few minutes and the men from the car told us they were just going down to the golf club  for a drink. Caroline went across to the Woodenbridge hotel to ring the guards, and while she was over there I was talking to the driver and it came back to me and I remembered what happened. I said to the driver : I know now what happened, I did see your indicator. The man who was in the passenger seat said almost immediately: “a minute ago you said you didn’t see it and now you are saying you did see it. There was a very good reason why I remembered it and that was because I had a tractor with a similar problem with the rear lights when one of the rear light bracket wasn’t bolted tightly to the tractor frame. I asked the driver would he mind getting back into his car and putting on his right hand indicator again, the driver obliged and did this and the right hand indicator worked properly when we looked at it from the rear and the men were quite pleased, I then asked the driver would he mind getting into the car once more and this time would he put his foot on the brakes when he put on the right hand indicator, and as soon as he did this all the rear lights flashed including both indicator lights about half their normal brightness just as it happened the tractor about a year earlier. I had seen his indicators flashing and assumed because he had pulled over to the other side of the road a little to the right that he was turning right into the back entrance into the hotel, and one could then see easily then how it happened although myself and my late father Dick paid for the repairs for the damage done to my car. I can remember this part very well almost as if it were only months ago even though I would have no hope of remembering what Mr Barry Hickson a barrister at that time looked like then, although Caroline would be more inclined to remember that part and she remembers the evening very well. It was only about a week afterwards that we realized that the man in the front passenger seat was Mr Barry Hickson who became  Judge Hickson around 2012. The driver was Mr Pat Corcoran an accountant and the man in the backseat was the late John Louth who was the coroner at the time, Mr Richie Galvin was the Garda from the Rathdrum station who arrived out at the scene later, my late father and I paid for the repairs for the damage done to my door.  Judge Hickson spoke well of my late father in an unusual incident  where  myself and another solicitor and Barrister were caught out totally by surprise, and we had to act very quickly.

The French Exchange student staying with us in April 2009,  went home Friday 10th April 2009, and Caroline and I went to the Enniscorthy cattle mart the following Tuesday morning and we met quite a few people we knew. During the sale a good friend of mine Mr. Merrigan from Avoca who knew both of us well and   we hadn’t seen for quite a good many years came over to us and we were chatting for quite a while and he mentioned he had Limousin cross heifers in-calf for sale.  He mentioned something about the Kilkenny cattle sale, and something about Nick Stafford wanting to shake hands with me. A few days or a week later I called up to view the heifers, which suited , and while we were looking at them, I asked him was it  the day in the Kilkenny cattle sale that Stafford mentioned that   he wanted to shake hands with me, and he replied no, it was that day in the Enniscorthy cattle sale, it was Nick Stafford who said would love to go over and shake hands with that man over there and Thomas replied  who do you mean, and Nick Stafford replied that man Austin Fanning siting down  over there with his wife Caroline, Mr. Merrigan then said to him , why don’t you go over now and shake hands with him, Stafford replied, I would only for the guards won’t let me. Thomas said he hadn’t  noticed we were there at the sale, before this.

Stafford complained to John Nolan on the Roscrea trip around 2011 that his sister Tolleen   wouldn’t pay for her half of the cost of getting his mammy’s headstone polished, which seemed a bit much after boasting he was worth 20 million and walking in for Christmas dinner every year with his two hands swinging empty.

Mr. Ryan Byrne his nephew with Jonathan had driven up past our home over 15 years ago and were trying to get a good look in. I was surprised when David Tarrant’s man stated that I told him that I had seen Ryan driving by, after David Tarrant had represented him for dangerous driving in 2006 after coming out of “Jumpin Jacks” night club very energised, bringing police on a 21-mile-high speed car chase at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour on narrow country roads   switching off the lights going through cross roads, etc. Garda Hayes surmised, was so he could guess whether or not there was oncoming traffic. Some of what was described   was rather like Matt Damon as Jason Bourne in the Paris police car chase in the 2002 Bourne Identity, film/ movie. Ryan had been involved in another police car chase a couple of years before this where he had swapped seats with the driver, and Tarrant and Tarrant had represented him   in this case also. I knew Ryan well but I hadn’t been aware of this   until well after 2012. I knew him well and found him pleasant. I was surprised at Tarrant’s putting this in after he had been banned from driving for quite a number of years in 2006.

Around 2012 roughly or 2013 I noticed this Music shop, after noticing it adjoined a house No.12, I would never have imagined that this was the Music shop that I was talking to my solicitor about in 2006 when we were negotiating  through Mulcahy’s Legal team, and Safford had told me was buying a music shop for Mulcahy apart from some terraced houses or street houses as they are sometimes called, that he had acquired for him  and he told me Mulcahy he had already done some of them up and sold them on. Mulcahy was trying to force me to go back through Stafford, but I refused to and kept negotiating with my solicitor through his Legal Reps.  My perception of the “Music shop” was something very different

another Music record shop, Wexford, photo taken in 2014

Sometimes fact can be stranger than fiction,

I was reading a piece in the Wicklow People newspaper about the case over suspended Garda Smith from an incident on a warm night  in June 2017, Assault causing harm was the contention of the prosecution after the man was brought to Wexford General Hospital and found to be suffering from a collapsed lung here a man by the name of Kenny who probably was being a bit silly   perhaps,  sitting down scuttered on the ground, under pressure after being in the pub earlier,  after drinking  six or seven pints and a concerned member of the public called into the station and reported it, Garda Jacinta Gordon there  described Kenny as pleasant enough, Garda Smith had overreacted in manhandling Kenny during an arrest in the Gorey station ,where Kenny actually ended up with a collapsed lung which was discovered in Wexford General Hospital   afterwards. Detective Garda Catherine Keogh gave evidence of Kenny’s treatment in court. I knew Catherine Keogh who was from Aughrim too, and I had reported some of my property that had been taken without my consent, and on another occasion, under different circumstances we had an interesting   conversation regarding the amount of children we each had and the cost of family holidays, among other things. I have had about five or six phones taken since 2012 apart from fire resistant document Safes, one taken in 2014 and the other taken in 2015. One phone in particular, a SONY XPERIA was taken on a beautiful Sunday morning 13th August 2017. I remember this one very well for three reasons, one was that I had to walk into Gorey to report it.

A photo  of my front bike tyre taken in Conroy’s Gorey Cycle shop 6-Feb-2018, after I was informed it had been slashed  in our home, and I had to get a new tyre for it, I reported it to Garda Cashman

On the 27-February 2018 I had another cheaper phone taken, I had got so used to trying to locate my phones using the Android system, and I had seen this phone’s location going through Kilanerin, after trying one other test first from my computer to check for it, and then location. I got a lift into Gorey Garda (police) station sometime later and reported it to Garda Smith, who tried ringing it also, but it just went to voicemail at that stage. I had another older damaged NOKIA 3 Phone with a screen which had been damaged on the 11-January-2018 after getting caught or pinched slightly in the tailgate of my pickup truck when taking my bike out in the dark whilst visiting a man, I knew, and discovered my phone the next morning, after I went over to my pickup, where the man who gave me, a lift parked it. There were a lot of vertical lines going up through the screen with different colours, and people tell me the phones   with this kind of damage normally don’t work for long, so I went into the phone shop, and the lad there was of the same view, and so I bought another NOKIA 3 for about 100 Euros Huawei Y6 Phone of similar spec and price for about 100 Euros   on the 26th February2018, this one was taken , when my attention was distracted  and after I got a lift into the Garda station, and reported it , GARDA Smith rang it for me , and it  went to voicemail, and I knew then it had been switched off or something similar. When I got back home and possibly a day later, I got a new sim card and put it into the NOKIA-3 phone with the damaged screen, and I noticed a missed call message15:12 on 27/02/2018 from the Gorey GARDA Station, this would have been the time he rang it after I reported it to him.

During an interesting discussion with Darcy regarding drink driving attitudes etc. During the 1960s and 1970s, there was a reasonably casual attitude, he mentioned there was a case years ago in Oylegate where a doctor knocked down and killed two or three people in Oylegate, Enniscorthy, and got off with a fine of only £10. I decided recently to look it up, and I could see he had a really good memory, but I noticed the doctor also had some very good defence witnesses in the court case Trial that followed and ran for about a week from 27-February-1962 to the 6th March1962.

The Irish Independent 28-Feb.1962

Seven witnesses gave evidence yesterday when the Trial was continued, in the Central Criminal Court of Dr. Patrick John Daly (58), Bree House, Enniscorthy, who is charged with the manslaughter of James Kinsella (72), fisherman, and Joseph Cullen (45), farm worker, both of Oylegate, Enniscorthy on April 24 last. He is also charged with driving a car while drunk and with dangerous driving.

The hearing was adjourned until today.

Michael Walsh, Oylegate stated that he saw Joseph Cullen cycling near the scene of the accident. He had a bright front light. A car passed travelling at between 50 and 60 miles an hour. It came around a corner on its correct side and as it approached witness it veered to its right.

Walking home Matthew Kelly, Oylegate, said he met Kinsella in a public house at Oylegate. “They had a few drinks and left to go home about 11.15 pm He walked on the grass margin and Kinsella walked close to his right-hand side. Two men passed on bicycles. A few minutes later a car approached from behind. Witness continued: “The car came onto the grass and struck us. I was thrown into the ditch. When I got up, I saw a car stopped up the road and went up to it. I saw a man lying on the road.” Witness now knew that the man was Joseph Cullen. Dr. Daly was kneeling beside him and there was a bicycle lying on the road. He asked Dr. Daly where James Kinsella was, and he said he did not know. Witness added that Dr. Daly staggered back to his car.

In Hospital for week

In reply to Mr. Bell, S.C. defending, witness said he walked on the grass margin all the time and Kinsella walked at the edge of the road. Witness was in hospital for a week. Witness knew nothing about a mug being found on the road, nor about a half-bottle of stout being found in Dr. Daly’s car. Witness had not put it there. He had not taken drink with him from the public house. Kinsella had drunk three half-pints of beer. Witness denied that he said to Dr. Daly after the accident:” What are you going to do about me, you knocked me down,” and that Dr. Daly had said “Go away and stop a car.”

Thomas Cullimore, Wexford stated that he stopped his car at the scene of the accident.  Dr. Daly appeared to be very shocked, he said to the Witness “get the other car, it dazzled me”.

Mrs. Kinsella, widow of James Kinsella identified a broken mug as one her husband had on the night in question.

Doctor’s evidence: Dr. John Fennelly said he was driving from Wexford to Enniscorthy and reached the scene of the accident about 11.30 pm.

He examined the two men who were dead. He was examining a third man, Matthew Kelly, who was in a car, when Dr. Daly said, “if you have any doubt send him to hospital.”

In reply to Mr. Bell, witness said that earlier that night he had been in the company of Dr. Daly and Mr. Hayes in the Talbot Hotel, Wexford.

Mr. Bell- Did he show any signs of intoxication? I would say he had a few taken.

Was he intoxicated? – He was in good form; I would not say he was drunk.

At the scene of the accident what was his condition? I thought he was perfectly alright.

Were you satisfied he could drive a car? Yes

Witness said he had one drink with Dr. Daly at about 10.50.pm.

Mr Justice Henchy- he was then in good form? -Yes

GARDA’S Opinion

Garda M.J. Keevans, Oylegate stated that he arrived at the scene of the accident at 11.50pm

He asked Dr. Daly what had happened, and he replied: “What about the other car; are you going to make an effort to get that car?” when witness asked” what car?”  Dr. Daly replied, “You are getting no Statement from me”.

Dr. Daly’s voice was thick and slightly incoherent, and it was with an effort that he spoke. He appeared to take no interest in what was going on around him. Witness was of opinion that he was drunk and incapable of driving. The two left wheels of Dr. Daly’s car were in the ditch. Witness found a half-pint stout bottle, one-third full, in Dr. Daly’s car. It had no cork. When Dr. Daly left the scene, he walked with a noticeable stagger. Witness found a broken mug in a bag under the body of James Kinsella.

Police broadcast

In reply to Mr. Peter Maguire, who is with Mr. Bell, witness said a police notice was broadcast about another car. He did not come to a hasty conclusion about Dr. Daly’s condition. He decided after observing him for five minutes, that he was suffering from the effects of in intoxicating liquor. Witness would not know if Dr. Daly was suffering from shock.  He found the stout bottle under the front passenger seat Mr. Daly’s car. Replying to Mr. Wellwood, S.C., who with Mr. Sean Breathnach (instructed by Mr. W. Conway, assistant State solicitor), is prosecuting witness said it was as a result of the broadcast that Mrs. Dorothy page came forward to give information.

Garda G. F. Moran, Oylegate, stated that he was also of opinion that Dr. Daly was drunk and incapable of driving a car. When Dr. Daly got into his car to switch off his lights, he fell over on the passenger seat. Dr. Daly staggered, and when witness went to hold him, he pulled away.

At the Garda station, when asked if he wished to make a statement, Dr. Daly said, “You will get no statement from me.” He said he wanted to telephone a solicitor.

Evening herald 2nd March-1962 evidence of the doctor continues.

Dr. Patrick J. Daly-ownership and registration

(57) Bree House, Enniscorthy, who faces a double charge arising out of a motoring fatality near Oylegate, Co. Wexford, on April 24 Continued his direct evidence in his defence in the central Criminal Court today.

He has pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of James Kinsella (72) Fisherman, and Joseph Cullen (45), farm worker, both of Oylegate; withdriving while drunk, and with dangerous driving. When the prosecution case closed yesterday Mr. justice Henchy refused an application for a direction on all counts and Dr. Daly in his opening evidence told his Counsel Mr Bell S.C. that the night of the accident “was so filthy you could hardly drive.” The accused in further evidence said that when he arrived at the Garda station after the accident, he said to the sergeant that “he had trouble up the road and wanted to get his solicitor.” He told him he would not make a statement until he had seen his solicitor. He did not say “you will not get a statement from me”.


Witness phoned his solicitor. Mr. Mc Evoy, who told him not to make a statement until he arrived.

Mr. Bell-Up to that time that the Superintendent arrived on the scene had any suggestion been made to you that you were drunk? None whatsoever. Drink was never mentioned. What was the first inclination you got that there was any suggestion you were under the influence of drink? – When the Superintendent came along and asked me if I would like as doctor to examine me. It just clicked with me then what the idea was If the suggestion had been made before that you were under the influence of drink would you have looked for a doctor yourself? -I would right away

Stout found- Mr. Bell Evidence has been given that a bottle of stout was found in your car. Was that yours? Definitely no.

When Mr. Wellwood S.C., prosecuting, was cross examining he asked Dr. Daly about

A jury in the central Criminal Court yesterday, found Dr. Patrick Daly (57) of Bree House, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, guilty of driving without due consideration for other users of road. He was fined £10 and discharged. Dr. Daly was found not guilty of the manslaughter to manslaughter of James Kinsella (72), fisherman, and Joseph Cullen (45), farm worker, both of Oylegate by striking them with his motor vehicle

On the night of April 24 last at Oylegate

Verdict Today expected in doctor’s trial today 6-March-62 The Irish Press

Defence Witnesses

Today a verdict expected in the trial at the Central Criminal Court, of Dr. Patrick J. Daly (58), of Bree House, Enniscorthy, who is charged with the manslaughter of James Kinsella (72), fisherman and Joseph Cullen (45), farm worker, both of Oylegate, Co. Wexford, by striking them with his car on the night of April 24 last. He is also charged with driving while drunk and dangerous driving. At the conclusion of the evidence yesterday, Mr. D. Bell, S.C., defending, addressed the jury and was followed by Mr. S. Breathnach, prosecuting.

Mr. Justice Henchy said he would charge the jury this morning.

Earlier witnesses for the defence said they noticed nothing wrong with the doctor that night. James Kavanagh said he saw the doctor in the bar of the Talbot Hotel that night. The doctor. The doctor had one drink and drove off afterwards quite normally. Later that night, said Mr. Kavanagh, he was driving his own car and came on the scene of the accident. He went for a priest and afterwards drove Dr. Daly with two gardai to Oylegate Garda Station. The doctor seemed very depressed and did not talk much but showed no signs of drink.

James Walsh a member of the Wexford Co. GA.A. selection committee, said he was at the match that evening with Dr. Daly, who showed no signs whatsoever of having drink taken. At the committee later there was also no sign that he had drink on him. He disagreed with Mr. Walsh the barman, who said Dr. Daly left the bar at 9.30. The meeting finished a minute or so before 10 pm. He was very definite that was the time.

Patrick Boggan, Walshestown, killinck, Co. Wexford, another member of the committee also said Dr. Daly was perfectly normal at the match. He came into the meeting about 9.20, answered some questions about the fitness of players and took part in a discussion about transport of players to Dublin. said Dr. Daly consulted a notebook and said he would not be able to travel with the players that weekend as he had an important appointment.  said Dr. Daly was the same as at any other meeting and at no time gave the appearance of being under the influence of drink. The meeting ended about 10pm.or five minutes before that, and Dr. Daly left just in front of him. The meeting had been on about five or six minutes before Dr. Daly arrived.

Gerard Newe, Enniscorthy, said the match ended about 8.45 pm. Dr. Daly was about ten minutes in the Talbot Hotel bar and had one drink. He did not notice anything abnormal about him and he did not seem to have any drink taken. Later he saw Dr. Daly walking straight over to his car and driving away in front of him normally.

7-March-1962 A jury in the central Criminal Court yesterday, found Dr. Patrick Daly (57) of Bree House, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, guilty of driving without due consideration for other users of road. He was fined £10 and discharged. Dr. Daly was found not guilty of the manslaughter of James Kinsella (72), fisherman, and Joseph Cullen (45), farm worker, both of the central Criminal Court yesterday, found Dr. Patrick Daly (57) of Bree House, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, guilty of driving without due consideration for other users of road. He was fined £10 and discharged. Dr. Daly was found not guilty of the manslaughter to manslaughter of James Kinsella (72), fisherman, and Joseph Cullen (45), farm worker, both of Oylegate.

John told me a man or probably more likely the priest said an “Act of contrition”.  Into the deceased’s ear, I often remember hearing about this   when I was in primary school in the 1960’s, 1970. I often remember hearing this back then that an “Act of contrition could be said into the deceased’s ear if they hadn’t time to say it before they died. I suppose this could be controversial.

New Ross Standard May 7, 1966, Fighting Paddy another Case with the few drinks, I knew the Late paddy well, as he lived only a few miles away from us.

Man dies after fall Christmas Eve 1965

Verdict of not guilty in manslaughter charge

At Wexford Circuit Court on Thursday last week

Judge K. E.L. Deale, S.C., and a jury, Patrick Murphy, Rathpierce, Coolgreaney, pleaded not guilty to the charge of manslaughter of James Millar, Glenogue, Ballyfad, at Coolgreaney, on the 24th December 1965. The trial lasted throughout Thursday and Friday, and, after an absence of ten minutes, the jury returned a verdict of Not guilty.

Mr Kevin O’Connor, instructed by Mr J. D. Coughlan, State solicitor, prosecuted, Mr Ernest Wood, SC., instructed by Mr G. Lombard, Solicitor, was for the accused.

Mr O’Connor said the incident took place outside M J. Gardiner’s public house in Coolgreaney, when the shop closed on Christmas Eve. A row took place. There would be different versions of the blow. One witness would say that it was a blow of the fist on the side of the head. Another would say it was a push. Whatever kind of blow it was, it was of sufficient strength to knock Millar down. Millar fell immediately after the blow was struck, and remained motionless, and he appeared to be bleeding from the back of the head. That was the crucial point in the evidence- the actual blow and it would be a matter for the jury to decide what kind of blow it was. Deceased was taken from the roadway into the public house by a man named Thomas O’Neill and the accused.  When they were carrying James Millar across to the public house, somebody shouted: Who did it? And a man named Kinsella said, “Patrick Murphy hit Millar”. Apparently accused resented this because he put Millar down on the road again and struck Kinsella. Dr Liddy was called and said Millar was seriously injured, and he was removed to hospital where he died on Christmas Day.

Death was caused by laceration of the brain caused by a fall on the road.

It was alleged, said Mr O’Connor that, after deceased was taken away, accused went to the Millar house, and explained to his son Patrick that his father was injured in a scrummage and that he accused, had struck a man who alleged that he had struck James Millar. Accused then asked young Millar: Would I hit your father?”

Mr O’Connor added that deceased was aged 70-75 years.

“Went straight on his back”.

Matthew Tompkins said that outside Gardiner’s there were sixty or seventy people across the road, and someone doing an awful lot of shouting.

Witness saw accused standing in the middle of the road opposite Gardiner’s Hall door. He had his two fists up and said: “I am a man who will stand on his own to fight, and let the man who wants to fight, get out and fight.” Murphy then went up towards a black car near the grotto. Murphy was trying to get the door of the black car open. Matt Curran, who owned the car, was trying to keep the door shut. Murphy was speaking to Curran, but witness could not catch the words.

Witness said that Jim Millar came along and said: “For God’s sake come on home, Paddy, and leave it so.”

Paddy Murphy came back real quick to Millar and said:” You keep back away from me, you.”

Jim Redmond stepped in between Millar and Murphy. Murphy broke out past Redmond and rushed into Millar. Murphy “pegged” his left hand against Millar’s chest and came down with a hard blow across Millar’s left jaw with his right hand. Millar went straight back on his back.

Mr Wood- do you know that on the night this happened there was no light on the road except what came from Gardiners premises and the petrol pumps? Witness- there was plenty of light, I didn’t look to see what lights were on. Witness denied the suggestion of Mr Wood that this story he told was one which witness decided on after speaking to people in Coolgreany for three or four days. Mr Wood- if your story is right, James Millar was four yards away from the car. Witness- He went in pleading. He was about two yards away from the car when he was struck. Mr Wood- You said that Murphy’s arm came down from a height to strike Millar. Did you hear the State pathologist give evidence in Gorey, and do you know that according to him there was not a mark on Mr Millar’s face?

Witness I didn’t know that.

Mr Wood- does it surprise you that Mr Millar could be struck a blow sufficient to knock him backwards without leaving mark on his face?

Witness- It would surprise me.

Mr Wood suggested that there was no such blow, and the witness said that was not true.

When referred to his deposition in the Gorey district Court, witness agreed that there was nothing in it about Murphy striking Mr Millar on the chest.

Mr Wood- why did you swear in the District Court that he was only struck once?

Witness- I did not rate that as a box. Murphy’s hand was pegged against Mr Millar’s chest.

Mr Wood- Did you only think about this today.

No. I was asked to demonstrate it and I did.

Second column

Cause of Death Dr Maurice Hickey, State pathologist to Mr O’Connor, said that he carried out a postmortem examination on the body of James Millar at Gorey in December.

The cause of death said the witness, was raspatory failure, resulting from brain damage, caused, in his opinion, by a fall on the back of the head.

Witness said there were no injuries on the knuckles or face of the deceased.

Myles Carroll said that last Christmas Eve he was employed in Gardiner’s licenced premises.  When the bar closed all went out onto the street. Witness heard shouting, and he went out. There was a crowd at the far side, opposite Gardiner’s.

Continuing, the witness said there was a lot of shouting. He heard accused shouting but did not know what he was saying. Witness saw James Millar walking up the road towards accused. Millar told accused to come back, and stop shouting. There were people trying to hold back the accused. They were catching him by the arms. Millar recontinued to walk towards accused, and accused shoved him back with both hands.

when the push took place, Millar and the accused were facing towards each other. Accused again tried to get towards the car, and Mr Millar shouted again to him to stop fighting. Accused said: “Get back, Millar,” and Millar went towards accused with his arms outstretched. Accused struck James Millar on the left side of the face, with his right fist Millar fell back and hit his head off the road. Tom Boardman then put his arms around Murphy and pushed him down the street in the direction of his (Murphy’s) car. Accused and Mr Boardman then had a bit of a struggle and accused fell on the ground.

Accused man came back up towards the car, and witness saw James Millar who was lying on the ground being lifted up by accused and Mr Gardiner. When they moved over towards the side of the road, somebody, Mick Kinsella said: “You hit him, Paddy.”

Accused left down Jim Millar and struck Kinsella on the jaw. Kinsella was knocked out.

Mr Millar was then brought into Gardiner’s kitchen.

Mr Wood-Are you sure that what you’ve told us is not something that you have reconstructed.


Dr James Liddy said he went to the licenced premises in question on Christmas Eve about 11.30

James Millar was lying on the kitchen floor when he went in, and Millar was unconscious. He had a scalp wound and was bleeding from one ear. Witness called for an ambulance and Mr Millar was brought to Gorey hospital.

To Mr Wood, the witness said he knew Mr Millar, but had not treated him for a number of years. Dr C. K. O’Doherty said that at about quarter to one he saw deceased in Gorey Hospital hospital on Christmas Day. He had a scalp wound the bleeding from the ear. He died later that day. Witness assisted in the carrying out of the Postmortem.

To Mr Wood witness said the bleeding from the ear was caused by the fracture. He had treated deceased before that.  Deceased was not in vigorous health, but witness would not describe him as frail.

Stand Back Millar

John Byrne said he was in Gardiner’s premises on Christmas Eve with his brother, James, Matt Curran and William Thompson. They went out when the premises closed and were standing around talking for a few minutes. William Thompson went up around the corner, Matt Curran went over and got into his car and witness’s brother James went over towards Patrick murphy and Boardman in the centre of the road. Witness then went across the road to get his brother to come home. Just as James turned to leave, Murphy struck James in the face with his fist. Witness then struck Murphy, and they got into grips. Matt Curran and Wm. Thompson separated them. Matt Curran said to witness and his brother: “Come on home.”

The two of them went over and got into Matt Curran’s car which was near the ball alley. Paddy Murphy came back along the street, and made to get into the car, but Matt Curran kept his hand on the door. Murphy made several attempts to get into the car, but Matt Curran would not let him. Murphy who had no jacket on, only a pullover, then moved away from the car.

Witness saw a man come towards Paddy Murphy, and he heard Murphy say twice “Stand back Millar; stand back.” The next thing witness saw was James Millar shoot back on his back on to the road. Witness got out, but Matt Curran told him to get back again, and he did. Murphy came back to the car and was saying “Get Out”. Witness did not know who Murphy was saying that to. Witness said that Murphy then struck Matt Curran a box on the face. Matt Curran got back into the car and Murphy went off down the street.

To Mr Wood the witness said…

Mr James Peart made a massive Blunder in court early 2009, and Caroline spotted it, in the newspaper and brought it with me into Mr David Tarrant, who was trying to cover up for the mistake, by saying it is a bit like the doctor shouldn’t have to ask the surgeon is his scalpel Sharp enough? Before starting the operation, That Peart should have known better not to say what he did and not do something so stupid.

the fact that I was making a lot of mistakes trying to remember prices of oil etc. when making comparisons.  I had to keep writing things down, after I realised that had made a mistake with a date of an appointment in a   hospital, and that really alerted me. I had to collect all the newspaper adverts, and I was very fortunate around 2008 to 2010 that the Gorey Guardian newspaper office in Gorey had kept all the 2004 and 2005 copies of the paper, and they loaned them to me to get pages that I wanted photocopies of.  While I was trying to piece everything together slowly, I realised at one stage in 2009 to 2010 that I could not have been in two places at one time, and that   after I carried out some more checks on Court List dates in 2011.

During November and  December 2011, I had mentioned to David Tarrant  an obvious flaw, that was stated by a trained Garda, which he appeared to have made by assumption, without checking out something obvious   that a  fourteen-year-old could have probably spotted,  but after thinking about it again  over the years, I think it may be safer to say a  reasonably bright sixteen-year-old plus, could have spotted the obvious flaw

and I could see there was no date or notification for this date in March. Jnr barrister Sinead Gleeson and Snr Barrister Philip Sheehan, Tarrant, and barrister James Peart, and State solicitor Kevin O’Doherty, I enquired from a solicitor can they bring up a case without notification or setting a date, and he informed me : “they can’t do that”, I then checked with a different solicitor whom I was dealing with on separate business , and his advice was the same, that they can’t do what they did.

The fact that I was making a lot of mistakes trying to remember prices of oil etc. when making comparisons.  I had to keep writing things down, I realised that had made a mistake with a date of an appointment in a   hospital, and that really alerted me. I had to collect all the newspaper adverts, and I was very fortunate around 2008 to 2010 that the Gorey Guardian newspaper office in Gorey had kept all the 2004 and 2005 copies of the paper, and they loaned them to me to get pages that I wanted photocopies of.  While I was trying to piece everything together slowly, I realised at one stage in 2009 to 2010 that I could not have been in two places at one time, and that   after I carried out some more checks on Court List dates in 2011 and 2012, I could see there was no date or notification for this date in March. I Jnr barrister Sinead Gleeson could often be there, but this could have been when she was doing defence cases, and Snr Barrister Philip Sheehan for the State at the time would always have been there , Tarrant, would always send down an apprentice solicitor Ms Thomasina O’Connell, and Mr Ian Bracken  with instructions from him,  and one occasion just, used Ed. King  and barrister James Peart, and State solicitor Kevin O’Doherty would always have been there, I enquired from a solicitor can they bring up a case without notification or setting a date, and he informed me they can’t do that, I then checked with a different solicitor whom I was dealing with on separate business , and his advice was the same, that they can’t do what they did.  During a discussion with Lourda after David had given her a message for me, we were discussing Ms Sinead Gleeson , who had taken over from Mr Philip Sheehan acting for the State , and I had noticed she was doing both Prosecution and Defence cases around the time period , and Lourda assumed maybe it was a different County , but after rechecking I noticed they were both in County Wexford, which surprised us. and barrister James Peart, and State solicitor Kevin O’Doherty, I enquired from a solicitor can they bring up a case without notification or setting a date, and he informed me they can’t do that, I then checked with a different solicitor whom I was dealing with on separate business , and his advice was the same, that they can’t do what they did. I could see from  fairly early on that Tarrant  as well others really knew well how to benefit from the Legal Aid system, and as a Tax Payer paying my fair share of a  substantially large amount of taxes

Around 2015 the Late Nick Stafford was on “Southeast Radio” one Saturday morning on the “I Remember” Saturday morning show with Michael Doyle who usually has a different guest each week which lasts for half an hour. This caught quite a few people’s attention.   A local man who is a farmer and does some contracting with his son a few miles away mentioned it to me in our local village, another person mentioned it to me  a day later and that he was also going to be on the show the following Saturday morning again, so I tuned in the following Saturday morning, and listened carefully, especially due to the fact it was called “I Remember”, and I noticed he had no memory of any incident during 2007.

On the subject of tractors Ms Deborah Coleman wrote a nice piece in the Gorey Guardian newspaper January 2018 about the passing of former Garda superintendent Peter Finn (66) of Knockgreaney, Coolgreany, and both Caroline and I know his son Declan very well, who is a very likable and hard-working guy, but Ms Coleman’s piece had me really puzzled when she wrote: It was in “Smith’s Garage in Coolgreany”, where the patrol car was fueled, that Peter met his wife to be Alice. They married when he was 23 and settled in Coolgreany to raise their three sons. (I knew Alice well from the time she used to call around to collect the Census Forms, and she had a very pleasant personality, and she was quite helpful.

I was on the job with the Late Johnny Mc Carthy and I can’t remember who was on the excavator and it was   most likely in the late 1970’S when we were installing the new    tank for the petrol pumps just outside Farm Services for the late Ted Halnon, and it may have been that time it from across the road from the Topshop Bar or Gardiners pub or Lounge as it may have been known or called at the time. After enquiring I could see she had made a mistake, and then when I thought about it, it had to have been Smith’s garage in Arklow which was up from the main street on the Wexford Road, Arklow. It would have been here where my first cousin and his father Joe bought the six-cylinder URSUS tractor 120 Hp, and my father bought a two-wheel drive six-cylinder URSUS tractor, two-wheel drive, I think for my very   brother at the time and traded it in shortly after for the 4-wheel drive version. My cousin remembered   Mr Denis Finn was the salesman at the time, and there was a photo in the Wicklow people of Denis Finn selling one to a customer. Smiths had the Agency for Renault cars that time also We had bought a Zetor six-cylinder sometime after this from Cartons, in Camolin with quite a story, which was supposed to have been a new tractor. both the URSUS and ZETOR six -cylinder tractors were identical, the URSUS was made in Poland, and the ZETOR in Czechoslovakia.