J Darcy and I Transcripts 2011

J. Darcy and I Transcripts 2011

Phone Call 3 May 2011

2011              J. Darcy’s Man got the story from Nick Stafford that he killed a man on a Bike going through a junction in front of his cattle lorry story. John Darcy thought it was three two or something like that, meaning 3.2 million euro he thought the land for, which was partly the wife’s. I asked J. Darcy was Nick Stafford’s wife alive at the time, of the deal I asked him what year it was he said it was definitely 2004 or 2005. When I asked him had he though Nick Safford’s wife was alive at the time, probably because she had been part owner.

Actual Text: of call: John Darcy speaking after I asked him what the price would have been:  “I thought it was 3 2 three two or something like that, then I Austin speaks:  three two maybe, and was it in his wife’s name that time, or had he trouble getting it from his wife’s to his. John Darcy replies: Ah he had no trouble, it was just the I said or the tax just. then John speaks: the tax thing I suppose, but sure I suppose just like anything she probably had to sign off on it. I Austin then asked was she alive that time? John Replies: Oh, God she was alive that time, and then I ask him would it have been in her name that time? John replies: I can’t actually remember, now there was something about it anyway   She certainly had a big hold on it anyway, like I Wasn’t really that interested at the time, you know what I mean. yeah, I Reply. John says, “it wasn’t really part of my concern.” I Austin then speaks:  but it was around 2004 or five. John Replies: “Yeah, it was definitely 2004 or 2005”. Austin then speaks: “Did you get a chance to check anymore about the man that was killed on the bike?”

John replies: Yeah, that’s all I heard, all I got back was the same thing, it was, he came across out of a by road or something   straight across the road in front of him, he had no brakes on his bike or something like that.  I Austin speaks: It was another fellow I was speaking to, now, this was back in 2008, (I made a mistake here this should be 2009) had a story it was a man and a woman in a car that had come out in front of him, but you think it was more likely a man on a bike. John replies: It was definitely a man on a bike from what I was told anyway, then John says:  about a statement saying that, I will take it the rest of the way I speak: if you got him meaning John Nolan to state what Nick Stafford told him about rigging the Auction, he John Darcy would take it the rest of the way through his solicitor. His concern was that he thought it would be unlikely that John Nolan would say anything against Stafford if he was truckin’ and dealin’ with him.

John Darcy and me transcript 14th October 2011 9:17a.m.

Austin: “So you were at her funeral when she died, she was alive that time when you were doing the deal that time in 2005. John Darcy reply’s “She was yeah, Austin speaks: “Gee Just to show how we can make mistakes, I have a piece of paper from the, I think it is from the Wexford People, The Wexford People about her death in 2002. John speaks again: and in a genuine way: “well now maybe she was, I was definitely at the funeral, because I can remember to this day been at it, and I remember Nick and we were standing to one side, I had no involvement with her, I didn’t know her and I do remember Nick crying, and one of the boys, you know, Bradshaw saying: “Fu*k!, imagine that f*cker crying” and we were both quite amused at this man Bradshaw’s comment, and John said then : “You know yourself, Austin if you are not involved in a funeral, you don’t really have any emotion for it.” I then speak and tell him that he had no problem telling a mother of six children to shoot ourselves and then she was saying what about the young children, and he said “Fu*k them out to grass or something like that. John then replies: “Make no mistake about it, he would be the very same with his own kids like, he would talk about some of them as if they weren’t his, he would disown them, they are fuck’in useless, and he’d say that to a stranger, he is a fuckin Dope, most people would have enough cop-on not to say that.”   I then speak and check again with John, and I speak: “Just the important bit, the man you were talking to, has got that story off Nick, Nick Stafford, that it was a man coming through a Crossroads on a bike.” But John was quick to emphasize that it was years ago that this man got this story or account from Nick Stafford, this was the same man we were referring to during our phone conversation 3rd May 2011 that it was definitely a man on a bike came straight across the road in front of him that was killed in front of his cattle lorry.

Stafford use to leave the late Michael Bolger outside in the cattle lorry for hours while he was inside the Bridge Bar in Gorey chatting up the owner the late Monica Keating who died early 2006, Stafford told Michael that he got off very light in a fatal collision in Limerick where he killed a man with his cattle lorry. Michael used to work in the cattle marts as well as having a farm in Poulepeasty, Clonroche probably only about five miles from Quinn’s old mart in Adamstown, Co. Wexford Clonroche and even after he retired, he still enjoyed working or helping out in the Carnew mart, I understand he also had an interest in horses and kept some. Michael died in 2010 after a short illness but had passed on this information many years before this. Monica was well liked, and I believe could be quite outspoken,

Stafford tells people different people that he has killed a male person in front of his cattle lorry who was going through a junction or crossroads, and that he got off light with a male person he killed with his cattle lorry in Limerick. It is very unlikely it would have ever been possible to prove who the person was going through a junction or crossroads that he killed in front of his cattle lorry in Limerick, if he hadn’t given Mr John Nolan some vital information regarding the name of the purchaser of the 15 acres of his own land that he sold at public auction in the Porter house pub, where he claimed that he knowingly took fictitious bids to get the price up and that the purchaser originally came from Oylegate, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, and the fact that he said the purchaser owned a yacht, along with some other information that helped corroborate that this conversation took place between he and John Nolan, He also gave one other clue to John that day in March 2010 to help zone in on the year that he claimed the male person was killed in front of his cattle lorry, and also a clue that the person was young.

the young school girl standing outside of her own drive way holding her younger sister’s hand  whilst waving to the other children on the school bus on the offside was always the victim , and not the man who killed her   who described  how he had seen her body come down the windscreen, and  while we know he was on his own side or he would have crashed into the bus, we know her body ended up in the dyke after the momentum of his car eventually came to a halt, and it was the late Dr Sutton who pronounced her dead, and contrary to what Mr. Stafford said about her mother of this young school girl shaking his hand, she  stated clearly she most certainly did not shake hands with Stafford and felt he should have been able to make some effort to stop  and avoid killing her daughter, he drove almost ninety miles  to a dancehall called “Showboat  in Youghal at the time, about five or six miles  from where he killed her, so it certainly didn’t affect him . The mother of this young girl did say that it had come back to her that some of the Guards had been keeping an eye on him as he had never been tested for drink. (This would have been around the same time period that he was trying to buy a Brucellosis infected cow from the late Mr. Ned Condren who was from Ballycoog, Co. Wicklow. But Ned refused to sell it to him.) A farmer about three miles away from us told me he bought three in-calf cows during 1974 and all three aborted the following week. His wife also verified this. It was very obvious these three cows had recently been in contact with a brucellosis infected animal or material from a cow that had aborted.  I noticed Stafford also had an advert in the paper in 1974 for 40 Friesen springers Brucellosis free through Kinsella Estates for sale. During 2006 when Mr Stafford was threatening my wife, he told her that he was worth twenty-million, and they would clean us out along with plenty of other abuse and threats  and that if she were a little girl, he would pick her up and shake her and that no fu**Ing judge would listen to her, while none of us were aware he killed a little girl many years before this, we now know he was making it very clear that he didn’t think much of killing a little girl.

Dermot Sherlocks Letter dated 18th September 2007, and one can see while Dermot has made some mistakes, as the reason I went to him in July 2006 was to check if the Contract was valid if brought about under false pr advert in September 2004, but one can see clearly his attitude towards young children and his lack of regard for them in   D Sherlocks letter Sept 2007 quoting Caroline. I think there may never have been any issue or a serious problem if Mr. N. Stafford had said nothing to anyone about killing a person in front of his cattle lorry going through a junction.

it was stated also during a subsequent letter or earlier   the complaint Re “Threatening and demanding money with menaces”

We hadn’t been aware he had killed a young schoolgirl outside her own driveway whilst holding her younger sister’s hand waving to the other children on the bus which was on the offside after they had come back from music lessons in Youghal, when Stafford was threatening my wife Caroline that if she were a little girl, he would pick her up and shaker her albeit 33 years later. Caroline had stated in August 2007 we had been under a reign of terror for almost two years. She stated in August 2007 that I knew she felt threatened and her levels of confidence and ability to live each day happily wasn’t possible, she stated she felt petrified and insecure and not able to cope in the same capable manner as before.

David Tarrant  said before the10th July 2013 that he could go around saying he was raping women every week  and that was Okay, probably as a result of N Stafford  telling different people  about a young girl he had killed and people he had killed in front of his cattle lorry, I was so astonished I asked to bring in a witness for the next meeting Wednesday 10-July 2013 , and this time, David told us that he could go around saying he was the one on the motorbike or moped that caused Lady Diana’s death. This created a problem since due to the “Fit and Proper Person “rule requirement for an Auctioneer’s licence or Certificate or a solicitor’s practitioner’s Certificate, and it became worse after 2014, and 2015. Sometimes things can get complicated, especially after becoming aware of Nick Stafford’s rate of Commission of 1% in 2002 and how he deceived and defrauded Mr. John Joe Mc Carthy, who was a very decent  likable and honest man after he sold his farm October 2002 using the Warren Estates brochure.

Mr. Andrew Tarrant, who had previously assaulted a woman stated to a third party in 2022 that he agreed with it too, that a man going around saying he was raping women every week was okay, this was extraordinary considering a beautiful young woman who was a mother was viciously assaulted and murdered across the street from his office  in 2019