Borleagh Manor

Borleagh Manor

12 March 1942 bull sales A had of Borleagh ( Col. R. Wemyss Quin to A. Fox, Bray

Colonel Quin died 1945 and his wife lived for a long time after and ran it with a couple of different Stewards

1960 9th November Borleagh Manor Antique Auction

8th March 1961 Richard Greene, Borleagh, Inch looking for assistant gardener

Richard Greene Borleagh Selling cows, July 1962

November 1973 Borleagh Manor Stud farm Limited. in Voluntary Liquidation

26 June 1981 with 378.8 Statute acres For Sale by Private Treaty, shared by Clarke Delahunt & Co.1-July 1981 Auction

11 Dec. 1981 on the Market


1986 Borleagh Manor with about 188 acres 18 July 1986 Asking Price is £ 300,000 by Private Treaty

August 1984 Advertised as comprising 378 acres in Total,

Of the total land area about 140 acres are under mature wood, Oak and Beech mostly. This timber is located at the circumference of the farm.

The owner in 1984 is American Mr. Charles Gambrill, and the Estate was last owned by Mr. Richard Greene, of “Robin Hood”.

The Reserve is £ 650,000 with no auction date yet

1986 18th July Borleagh Manor Advert Borleagh Manor 188-acre Stud asking £ 300,000

  1. Stone bought Borleagh Manor

Sue Brammel bought in 1996, at1£ M asking price

June 2004 M. Stone buys Borleagh Manor back at Auction after obtaining an excellent price for Wish Willow Stud farm on 45 acres which he developed on the 45 acres he bought in 1996

2014 Borleagh asking 4.75 million

2017 €3.4million